If you run into financial difficulty and you need some help, Assisted sales can help you sell your vehicle using our assisted-sales programme.



  • You can make a fresh start, manage your affairs and switch to a more affordable vehicle.
  • Depending on the value you sell the vehicle for, you may have very little shortfall to cover.
  • MFC will help you manage the process and find a way to deal with the shortfall.


What To Do

  1. Should you be interested in the MFC assisted sale process please call the MFC Call Centre on 0860 879 900, Option 2 or email assistedsales@mfc.co.za
  2. Obtain 2 Offers to Purchase (OTPs) from different dealers/buyers that are interested in purchasing your vehicle.
  3. Please provide MFC with a written request and the information listed below:
    • Request that MFC considers the highest Offers to Purchase (OTP) for the sale of the vehicle through the assisted sales process.
    • State that you the client remains liable for any shortfall amount after the sale of the vehicle, should the highest offer not settle the total amount owed to MFC.
    • Propose a repayment plan to settle any shortfall amount.
  4. For more details contact us now.


Possible Drawbacks

You may have a shortfall to pay after the sale