Having some financial difficulties and want to sell your car? MFC can help you sell your car through our assisted-sales programme.



  • You can make a fresh start and manage your finances .
  • We will help you deal with any shortfall through a manageable repayment plan.


Possible Drawbacks

You could have a shortfall to pay after the sale if your car does not fetch the same price as your outstanding loan.


How do I proceed?

    1. Request a settlement letter from us so that you know how much you still owe.
    2. Get offers to purchase from two different dealerships/buyers or use AvoAuto to get the offers to purchase.

To request a settlement letter please call the MFC Contact Centre on 0860 879 900 or send an email to care@mfc.co.za


How do I use AvoAuto?

Advertise your car on Avo Auto, Nedbank’s digital car dealership. Visit auto.avo.africa/sell-my-car to get the best offer and to understand the process of listing your vehicle on the platform.

If you need more information, please call AvoAuto on 0860 100 833 or send an email to parkandsell@avo.africa


What we need from you to go ahead with the assisted sale

Send the below information on an email to assistedsales@mfc.co.za

  • Copies of your two offers to purchase (not subject to inspection of the car).
  • A written request that we consider the highest offer.
  • Confirmation that you will pay any shortfall (the difference between your outstanding balance and the sale price).
  • A proposed repayment plan if there is a shortfall.


What we will do once we receive your email

  • We will compare the offers with the expected selling price of the car at a public auction as well as previous assisted sales.

    This will ensure that the offers are in line with what the car could sell for at a public auction.

  • If we believe that the car might sell for significantly more at a public auction, we could recommend that you bring the car to us to be placed in a public auction (a higher auction price is not guaranteed).
  • We will let you and the dealer/buyer know once we have finalised and approved the offer.
  • You can then make arrangements for the delivery of the car to the dealer/buyer and the payment of the offer to MFC.

For your security, we recommend that you confirm that the payment has been received by us before you release the car.

The entire assisted-sales approval process usually takes between 7 and 10 working days.

For more details contact us on 0860 879 900.