I can't make my payment for the next few months

If misfortune has hit and you are uncertain about when you will be able to afford your vehicle finance instalment again, find out what your options are here.

Your Options

Restructure your deal

Restructure your loan over a longer term


  • This will reduce your monthly instalment
  • Improved credit record
  • Pay minimal arrears interest


What To Do

  1. Calculate what you can comfortably afford to pay for vehicle finance every month. Use our budget calculator to help you.
  2. Call us on 0860 879 900 and ask to have your deal restructured. Please note that you can only restructure your deal once a year.


Possible Drawbacks

This option will increase your total interest payments

You will still be required to contribute to your loan each month

Terms and conditions apply and is subject to approval

Sell your vehicle yourself

Sell your vehicle on your own and settle MFC.


  • You can make a fresh start, manage your affairs and switch to a more affordable vehicle


What To Do

  1. Call us on 0860 879 900 and ask for assistance.


Possible Drawbacks

We won’t be able to stop our collections procedures while you do this

Ask us to help you sell your vehicle

Use our assisted-sales programme to sell your vehicle

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