Please follow the below instructions when wanting to make cash or EFT payments.


Preferred Payment Method for CASH deposits

For cash deposits visit your nearest Nedbank and make use of the 'Cash Deposit ATM’.

  • Tap on cardless transaction.
  • Punch in account number 1957408367.
  • Punch in your cell number. 
  • Punch in your 11 digit MFC vehicle finance account number, avaliable on your bank statement, as reference number.
  • Deposit your cash into the ATM.
  • Complete the transaction.
  • Keep your receipt as proof of payment. 

MFC vehicle finance account number e.g. 12345670001


Payments via EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer)

When making an EFT payment via your internet banking website, select 'MFC, a division of Nedbank' on the bank approved beneficiary list. You must then capture your 11 digit MFC vehicle finance account number as the beneficiary reference before making the payment.

Beneficiary reference e.g. 12345670001


Retail and Digital Payments 

You can now make payments at any of the following retailers: 

Flash Traders


Pick n Pay

Top it Up


Shoprite Checkers



Simply give the teller the MFC retailer identification number '11771', immediately followed by your 11-digit MFC vehicle finance account number e.g. 1234567 0001, together it reads as follows: e.g. 1177112345670001.

Or you can make digital payments via: Simply input '11774 followed by your MFC vehicle finance account number, e.g. 1177412345670001, which will bring up your details, including the amount you owe.

You will then see the options to pay with a QR code using the Nedbank Money app, Snapscan, Masterpass or Zapper, or with a card. If you need more information or help, phone us on 0861 100 031.