Know What You Can Afford

Start by finding out exactly what you can afford. Remember to take into consideration insurance and registration costs. Make use of our handy calculators.

Find a Car

Next comes the fun part - shopping for a car. Don't limit yourself to one brand and make sure you take the car for a test drive. Take a look through our list of accredited dealers. Our dealers will personally assist you with your search.

Apply for Finance

Once you've chosen your car, ask your dealer for the MFC finance application form. Be sure that you understand all the available options, so that you can choose the option that best suits you.

Once you're ready to apply, be sure to take the following documents with you to your dealership:

  • Copy of your ID
  • Copy of your drivers licence
  • Proof of income:

    • Salaried Individual - Latest 3 months payslips
    • Commission Earner - Latest 3 months payslips and latest 3 months bank statements*
    • Self-employed - Latest 3 months personal bank statements*
    • *No internet bank statements will be accepted
  • Proof of residence, such as a utility bill (no older than two months)

If you would like to have a read through the finance application form first, you can download it here:

Please Note:

The dealership will submit your application for finance for you. Please do not submit your application directly to MFC. All aspects of the finance agreement will be negotiated at dealer level.

Once your finance has been approved and you have signed an offer to purchase, the dealership will contact you to arrange a suitable time to sign all the legal documentation.

Please ensure that the dealership supplies you with copies of the relevant signed documentation.


Get Insurance

Before taking delivery of your new vehicle you will need to arrange comprehensive insurance on the vehicle. This insurance is compulsory and needs to run for the full term of the contract.

Sign the Contract

Before you can drive away in your new car, you will be required to sign a release note (Acceptance of delivery) confirming that you have taken delivery and that you are happy with the vehicle.

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